Amen – The Creative Force

Amen The Creation Frequency

In our previous article we looked at the word AMEN which can also be pronounced A·mon, Am·mon, Amon or Amun. We discussed the fact that the word was first used in Egypt, in relation to the Egyptian deity AMEN – Ra, which means the ‘hidden’ or ‘invisible’ one revealed by his light, …

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Rediscovering Amen – Part 1

Amen originated from the Egyptian deity Amen Ra

The word Amen which is used by Christians, Jews and Muslims originated from ancient Egypt. The Egyptian deity, who was the primary deity was known as Amen Ra. The word ‘Amen’ means hidden or concealed, that which is invisible; while the word ‘Ra’ means light or fire, so Amen Ra is the ‘hidden one’ revealed by the light or fire. The word A·men can also be pronounced A·mon, Am·mon, Amon and Amun (ämn) since the vowel is interchangeable.