Tapping Into The Divinity Code


The human consciousness has the ability to span many levels of consciousness and is able to gather information from conscious planes not know to exist. In this study we will explore three planes of consciousness from which we have the ability to garner information. The Terrestrial Plane The first level of attaining …

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My Visions of Trinidad And Tobago

The Initial Vision: Many years ago I had a vision, in it I saw a woman coming in a cloud from the East, across the center of the island. I rebuked the cloud and it went back on two occasions, the third occasion it refused to go. I then asked …

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The Art of Forgiveness


Enjoy today’s 1 minute inspirational audio: The Art of Forgiveness.

Forgive is an art and like any other art one needs to practice. Discover how you can become more proficient in the Art of Forgiveness.

The Art of Forgiveness

The Meaning of Love

Enjoy today’s 1 minute inspirational audio exploring The Meaning of Love.

Discover what it really means to love someone. Recognize when you are loved and learn how to really love someone.

The Meaning of love

The Importance of Self Love

Enjoy today’s 1 minute inspirational audio about Self Love.


The most important thing that anyone can learn to do is learning how to love, appreciate and cherish themselves for it is indeed the foundation upon which everything else is built upon.

The Importance of Self Love


The Egyptian Influence In Modern Day Religions

Egyptian obelisk

.The Egyptian Obelisk Ancient Egypt has played and continues to play a significant role in modern religions. Many of the practices and beliefs of devotes of Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Islamic faiths had their genesis in Ancient Egypt/Kemit. In two of my previous articles I dealt with the word Amen [auth]This content …

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Amen – The Creative Force

Amen The Creation Frequency

In our previous article we looked at the word AMEN which can also be pronounced A·mon, Am·mon, Amon or Amun. We discussed the fact that the word was first used in Egypt, in relation to the Egyptian deity AMEN – Ra, which means the ‘hidden’ or ‘invisible’ one revealed by his light, …

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