Good – Is Definitely Not Good Enough

Many people are trapped in a cosmic web. A web spun so deeply that they find it almost impossible to untangle themselves from its stifling grip. Spirit beings trapped and intertwined in cuffs that tighten their hold the more they try to untangle themselves from it.

AIDS – Why We Should Not Fear

Mankind has always had an obsession with sex, to the point that for many sex is nothing more that another recreational activity. Something that is of such immense ecstasy that it is beyond the ability of words to describe, so much so that some will even pay for the privilege of exploring the secret places of a stranger. W

Love – Discover Its True Nature

Perfect love can best be described as a circle - that is; there is no beginning and no end. The creative energy that fills the inner spaces of the universe - God; the All in all - is LOVE. It is the very nature of its being, it does not possess LOVE, it is it. It is Perfect LOVE - that is Unconditional LOVE.

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